carmen smith. 26 years young. 15 #'s down & counting.

 Carmen Smith is a young successful professional. After spending years investing in her future and career she found herself de-conditioned and unhappy with her physique. The former athlete wanted to get back in shape and learn how to properly fuel her body to achieve goals and perform well. She has learned the principles of Flexible Dieting in a few short weeks through nutritional coaching with Brittany. Carmen creates her own meals (without particular food restrictions) and is confident in her knowledge of how to balance her plan and real life! Carmen is also investing in her future by participating in personal training sessions. Learning proper form, different muscle groups and generally how to create a plan is something she'll utilize forever. 


shelley clark. 53 years young. 15% BF. 121#'s.

  Shelley Clark is fellow personal trainer in Vacaville, CA who decided she wanted to kick her high sugar habits and discover what a balanced diet could do.  She began Flexible Dieting coaching with Brittany in February 2016 and has made impressive gains already. Shelley reports fewer sugar cravings and the desire to eat more nutrient rich foods.  Her body fat has dropped 2.8% and she has even been able to add some muscle to her frame ( 1.8 #s).  We all have different bodies and metabolic capabilities but with one on one coaching you can dial in the specific needs to achieve your goals.  

Starting Food Intake-      Calories 1894    Carbs 260  .  Fats 53  .  Protein  95

Increasing Food Intake-  Calories 2304Carbs 337.  Fats 64.  Protein  95