Just the Beginning

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Real Transformation requires real honesty. If you want to move forward - get real with yourself.
— Bryant McGill

  If there was ever a fitting time, now is it. As a friend, sibling, child, athlete, coach or simply just as a human, if there is one thing I've learned over the last few years, it's that unless you face reality, you can't change it. I believe in transparency because I know it has the power to offer insight to others in similar circumstances. For this reason I think it's fitting to start my blog off with how & why I got into fitness. In the future I will go more into why I choose to switch careers, fight for myself, and strive to create a better future in the fitness industry and in others lives.

 I suppose this will be a summary of my initial entrance into watching my diet and how in affected my future.  Ever since I moved to my Grandparents' house in 3rd grade, I've been over weight. Maybe I was before then, but I can specifically remember feeling like this was the point I became uncomfortable.

 For my entire life I played competitive soccer and was probably 15-20lbs heavier than most of my teammates. It was hard and discouraging. I was often reassured my weight was specifically related to genetics and so I often let myself believe that (while continuing to eat home run pies, excess portions of food, candy, soda, etc.) I'm not blaming anyone but I'd like to point out that Americans are increasingly letting their children gain unhealthy amounts of weight at a young age because they don't want to address the bigger issue that their kids are having. Food is addictive, I know, and kids need to eat, I know that too, however letting your kids get 15-20 pounds overweight before there 10th birthday is detrimental to their longterm physical and mental health. I know because I lived through it. **If you and your child are struggling with weight management, I would love to help, I offer special rates for all parent/child coaching and teens challenged by weight issues.

 Anyway, I stayed overweight and felt unattractive and less than desirable for a long time but continued to cover my insecurities with more food and by accomplishing things in other aspects of my life. The first time I knew I had to lose weight was when I watched my sister Cera (who had always been bigger than me) decide she wasn't going to live like that anymore. She began running. Everyday. I watched her shed fat she'd carried a long time. She looked happy. She learned control. I wanted to have that. And because I firmly believe in revealing my human flaws, I also didn't want to be the fat sister. I like to be honest about these kinds of things because sometimes our motives seem silly to us or selfish or just bizarre but they are what they are, and using whatever you can to fuel your fire will be necessary to get where you want to go. [Love you Sissy and now we're both the fit sisters =D]

 So I began to run. I ran a lot. I ran outside. I ran on the treadmill. I started logging my food. It was pretty normal in my house to have a few glasses of wine or beer every night; chillin' in the garage watching the game or whatever we were doing. I had to sacrifice. I only drank one glass of wine, I watched what I ate all day and I learned about calories in vs. calories out. This was the very basic beginning of my fitness journey and these basic things helped me lose a lot of weight. The picture on the left was when I was about 22 and at this point I had lost about 25lbs and dropped sizes from 8/10 to 2/4 since I graduated high school. 

I think this is a good place to stop because my next fitness journey is a long story in itself. 

My goal through blogging is to reveal my reality, show what can be done and be real about the sacrifices it takes to get something we want. As it will always stand, all constructive feedback is appreciated (good and bad *but constructive), if you have any topic requests or want to submit material to be posted, please go to the contact section of the website and let us know!!!

Best, Brittany Wickens - Owner & Head Coach